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From our President.....
Tom Nichols head shot_edited.png

I have endured many challenges so far in my life.

The biggest one was when I lost both legs in an industrial

accident when I was 17 years old. Life has taught me to

have empathy for those who are less fortunate than me.

I can assure you that I want to include everyone in

Mended Hearts regardless of race or gender or

nationality or personality or faith. We can build

Mended Hearts into a large organization, serving others

who are faced with difficult heart issues. We are

blessed to have a wide variety of wonderful people in

our group who have overcome a wide variety of heart

problems that inspire us all.

Together we can have a very positive effect on our 

entire community and beyond. All we need is some synergy. Synergy is when the whole exceeds the sum of the

parts. For example, one 2” x 4” stud will hold 600 pounds. If you put two studs together they will hold 2,400 pounds.

Let’s have fun and “LETS GO” make a difference in our World!

                  Tom Nichols

                   President, Mended Hearts of Boise


Upcoming Speakers.....

  • May 15, 2024 - Cardiomyopathy Video & discussion

  • June 19, 2024  - Annual Potluck Picnic 

  • July 17, 2024 - Dr. James Trapp taking about B Vitamin and Electricity in the heart.

  • August 21, 2924 - Dave Huber will lead a group discussion about ideas and ways to Grow Our Chapter

Our monthly meetings are on the third Wednesday of each month in the Meadowlake Medical Plaza 3525 E Louise Dr, Meridian, ID 836425th floor conference room starting at 3:00pm

hearts/hands helping one another

Mended Hearts® of Boise -  Get to know us....

Our mission is to inspire hope and improve the quality of life of heart patients and their families through ongoing peer-to-peer support, education, and advocacy.    


Maybe you were recently diagnosed with heart disease or had a heart event. You may have been prescribed a new medication, or just had heart surgery or other medical procedures. Now you might be feel- ing overwhelmed, scared, confused and alone. We want you to know 

that no matter what your diagnosis is or how you found us, Mended Hearts is here to provide support, education and to advocate for you and with you.  No one should have to walk this path alone!  We arehere to provide support and education as you learn to live with heart disease. We want to walk with you as you begin your journey with a mended heart. 


We view managing heart disease as a marathon, not a sprint. Living a healthy life isn’t something we can do in weeks, months or even years; it is something we must work toward throughout our lifetime.



  Learn More

Jeff Luckenbach......Hope at the Heart Of Recovery

Mended Hearts Member

Jeffrey Luckenbach is a Mended Hearts member and retired educator and coach. In 2021 he suffered a heart attack. He shares his story of recovery and hope for the future on the Mended Hearts® website....

My journey as a heart failure patient is an atypical one.  I have a strong family history of heart disease but I was asymptomatic.  My journey began with a diagnosis of COVID on March 15th. My family and I were very careful, however, I had to go to work and obtaining a vaccination in the Northeast was difficult in March 2021.

On March 22nd, I had difficulty sleeping, I had indigestion that started the previous evening and would not dissipate.  Around 4 am I came to the conclusion this wasn’t indigestion but was chest pain.  I waited till 5:30am to wake my wife and tell her I was having chest pain with vomiting.  My wife called 911, and at 6:15am I was in the ambulance awake, on my way to the hospital.   

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